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Carpet Cleaning Reviews in Dallas

If you are looking for a carpet service in the Dallas area, the best thing to do is to check out some local review sites. There is no better way to choose a contractor than to look at what past consumers have to say. You can get some real insight into how a company operates, good or bad. Unfortunately, not all review websites for carpet cleaning are the same. Some are easily manipulated by unscrupulous business owners. You might find both fake good and fake negative reviews. Here is my opinion on some of the larger review sites.
Google, is probably a website that you are fairly familiar with. Unless of course you have never turned on a computer before. When you search Google maps or local, you can often find reviews from consumers on companies. It used to be that these reviews were easily manipulated by business owners and competitors. Google has taken huge steps to eliminate fake reviews so they have improved quite a bit. Still, there are many fake reviews on Google. The key to sorting through them is to use your head. If every single review is a five star and written in the same style of writing, they are probably mainly fake. If the style of speech and ratings vary slightly, then they are more likely to be real.
Yelp is another big website to look at for cleaning company reviews in Dallas. Yelp has a very stringent filter that strikes suspected fake reviews and adds them to a filtered list. The good thing is that you can still see the filtered reviews. I advise you to look at the filtered reviews when reading yelp for carpet cleaning reviews as it will give you some more insight into a company. Many real negative and positive reviews get trapped in the Yelp filter.
Angie's List is probably one of the most reliable website to look at for Dallas carpet cleaning reviews. The company actually has employees that call consumers for direct reviews about competitors. The only problem is that they are a pay service. If you use home improvement companies often though, it might be worth the price of admission. They might be able to save you a lot of headaches.
Above all else, do your research when looking for a local carpet cleaner. Not all companies are the same and there are many carpet cleaning services in Dallas that just want to take your money. Be careful and good luck

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